Relive SG1 from the beginning, just for fun!

hello no-one
grumpy yet gorgeous
howdy to all

I'm throwing them out there!
daniels tissues
For anyone who wants to try to be Dr Daniel Jackson...I'm throwing you a BIG box of tissues to start!

Well, if it isn't King Arkhan the last.....
King Arkhan the 1st
Welcome, ***king_maybourne...ahem...

Hope you like it here. No maidens or anyone else for you to corrupt as yet, enjoy the peace while you can.

grumpy yet gorgeous
To all who view this rather crude invention, you are welcome, whether you join or not!

To those who join, you can group off into select teams. Obscure teams also welcome!!

Especially if you like cake as much as the engaging Jack O'Neill!!

This is for entertainment only. If successful, we can adapt our favourite moments to what could/should have happened!!
This is JUST FOR FUN!!

I'll drop in from time to time to see who is interested/not. If you think it's dumb (and many of you will no doubt), don't leave messages to that effect. Just sigh and move on....WWJD (What Would Jack do?).

I hope that if this does get off the ground it will be...not Stargate as we know it, but, rather a variation on it's theme.